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You Flew Tuesday: A Sewing Linkup - 42

I made it back from Sewing Summit! I've been catching up in everything I'm behind on, so I'm sorry no post went up yesterday. I just didn't get to it, but my schedule will be regular from here on out.

There were two links that tied for the most hits! They were the play dress by adirondack inspired
and the wrap dress free pattern by So Sew Easy
Dress up game from Sana'a
Coupon clutch by sew grown
The rarity dress free pattern and tutorial by Fresh off the Bolt
If you've been featured, grab a button!


  1. Oh that dress up game and the rarity dress look amazing! Going to check them out now.

  2. I can't wait to hear about the sewing summit!! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Ditto Amy! Can't wait to hear about the Sewing Summit. I'm sure it was inspiring to say the very least. Thanks for hosting your linky party!

  4. Thank you so much Heather!!!

  5. Since i don't have a blog, i thought id throw this into comments. I just finished making some outdoor overalls from a 'get rid of it quick- 10c' boiled wool long jacket from the thrift store. Super simple. I don't have an overall pattern (and the fabric store is a long long drive away) so i traced out some overalls. Throw on some buttons onto the straps for adjustability, and slide in a button hole elastic along the back of the waist. Voila. Adjustable. Warm. Slightly scratchy (i threw on some babylegs knock-offs underneath - actually the polyester tall ladies socks from the dollar store with the feet cut off). Perfect for chilly rainy days when you don't have rain pants. No worries about finishing edges either, as long as they are trimmed neatly.

    As a bonus, if you trace out your feet (or little one's) you can cut out slipper bottoms to either sew or knit/crochet tops on to. for super warm super inexpensive winter slippers. Im going to experiment with using puffy fabric paint to make them non-slip.


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