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You Flew Tuesday: A Sewing Linkup - 41

(I'm sorry I published the link-up late last week! I had it all prepared, but somehow forgot to hit publish!) 
I was watching Dancing with the Stars last night, and my favorite is Billy Nye the Science Guy! Anyone loving him too? I totally want him to win! 
I'm also loving all the Project Run and Play Sewing going on. I love seeing people sewing for their kids!
The link with the most hits was Fixed Refashion Fail by Carissa Knits
The Abbey Nightie Free Pattern and Sewing Tutorial by Roonie Ranching
Sheep Pillows by Kuka and Bubu
Raglan Shirt Tutorial by Elizabeth Avenue
If you've been featured, grab a button! And I'm sorry for the problems everyone has had with this button. I've been struggling with it, but it's fixed now!


  1. Thank you so much for the feature!!!!! I am so honored!!

  2. And I forgot to add that although I adore Bill Nye, I might just have to pull for Brant Daugherty because I want to see that cute face each week!

  3. HEATHER!!I met Bill Nye in the 4th grade! Thanks for hosting!

  4. Hi Heather!
    Thanks for hosting- your button still isn't working for me though! =(

  5. wowww! I was featured again!! Thank you so much Heather!!

  6. I'm still having problems with the button too! I thought it was just me.


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