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Shared Nursery To-Do List

This summer I have been trying to figure out and plan how to have two children in an extremely small room. And how to make it more enjoyable for me. I did a lot when we first moved in, but that was before I figured out how to use Pinterest. I'm ready to switch it up with an adventure themed nursery. The adventure theme works for boys and girls and lots of different colors, and it's fun and exciting for me.
My color inspiration is Gavin's Woodsy Nursery. I really want to stick with browns, navy, turquoise, and maybe green.
The reason I want to switch up my colors is that we recieved my grandmother's upholstered rocking recliner which is really comfortable, but it's mauve. I really, really want to reupholster the chair in this microfiber fabric* from fabric.com. I have already received a sample which I spilled on to checked for stains and cleaned it off to see if the stains came out. I am linking to it with the good faith that you won't buy it! I'm watching it carefully and waiting for it to go on sale.
This elephant lamp (links to the artist's page) is something that's been on my list since before Henry was born, but is really expensive. I made it yet, but my friend Kelsey found an awesome diy animal lamp that might make it easier. I still have to sew up a 3-D elephant though!
We have a great dresser in the nursery right now that will stay but will become a dresser in closet. I painted the dresser drawers ombre like this ombre dresser before Henry was born, and I've really enjoyed it. I want to add furniture legs to make it slightly taller and easier to clean under and switch the knobs to be either animal pulls or rope pulls. Which one would you pick?
I want to make a hamper for the nursery and love the idea of something like this diy rope basket. I've heard that smell will cling to fabric hampers, so I'll probably get a plastic hamper and wrap it in rope. Wouldn't that be so cool in an adventure nursery!?
We are most likely going to have the baby in the crib after a couple of months in our room and move Henry to a mattress on the floor. I really, really want to make Henry a teepee or tent that will go over the top of the mattress to make it fun to sleep in and block any light if I have to nurse in the night. I'm pretty sure any little boy would LOVE sleeping in a tent every night, and it'll probably end up being his big Christmas present. I just can't decide between a teepee or pup tent. Which one would you do? Here are three great tutorials I found: DIY Tee Pee TentTeepee tutorial, and A-Frame Pup Tents.
Some other cool ideas I found, but aren't as important and might not happen are corralling stuffed animals and diy felt animal skin rug. I love the pallet stuffed animal idea and have a perfect wall for it. And the diy animal rug has been on my list for years (like since 2009!). I might have it hang on the wall like a trophy animal though.
What do you think, can I accomplish all of this by February while keeping up with everything else I'm always doing?


  1. I love those dinosaur drawer pulls and I now I want a play tent of my own! Great post!


  2. I think the rope pulls would go best with your theme, and I love the idea of a tent over the bed for Henry. I think he's still little enough that a pup tent would do, and it seems the easiest to make. Plus, it would store easier if you ever decide not to use it, and would take up less space in the room.

  3. I love the rope pulls! And I can send you the teepee tutorial I did for Leopold's room. I was setting it up, today, and thought, "Oh crap, I never sent this to her!" Let's blame moving. ;) Have you seen some of the toddler beds at IKEA? They're cute and compact, perfect for the village. Here's the one we were looking to get for Leopold (fort included!): http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80253814/ You should see it all decked out. Too cute.

  4. LOVE the ideas all visualized out in the post. Only recommendation for the tent (which you totally should do) is to make it STURDY. Excited to see what you do!

  5. Oh man, this all looks so fun. Can you manage it by February? YES!

  6. Tents are cool, and it would be easy to move it around if you don't want it up.
    We got my son a car bed off of KSL for $25, which he loves!
    The only thing I would do differently is to get them in the same room from the start. That way you only have a week or two of no sleep, instead of a week at first, and then another week a few months down the road. I am a big fan of putting my kids in their own room with a baby monitor, so I can hear. I slept so much better doing that than I did with my kids in my room. That is just me though. :)
    Good luck. Pretty sure you will be able to get it all done. It sounds like you have it all planned out.

  7. Lovely ideas!

    I would go for the rope pulls as anything pointy risks injury. Two busy kids now, and im amazed at what they can get injured on. Also, if you go with a rope wrapped basket it would tie in together.

    I like both the tent and teepee ideas. The biggest thing in favour of a teepee in my mind is that to fold it up it takes up less space without major pull apart work than a tent would.

    Just my two cents.

  8. Okay, I may have to fit redecorating the boys' room into my list of to-dos. I love the animal drawer pulls, the tee-pee beds are awesome, and that felt rug? Too cool!
    Great choices, your children are so lucky to have such a creative mama!


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