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Sewing Summit Recap

I didn't post about Sewing Summit right away because it's taken me some time to think about my experience. I'm really glad I went and had a great experience. But I love my readers so I'm going to be completely honest about my experience, good and bad. 
1. Fat quarter and pamphlet from Pat Bravo. 
2. Inspiring quote from Pat Bravo, "To be creative is to let little pieces of your heart go and place them into each project you make. 
3. Fun handout by Lindsey Rhodes, Sewing with Leather. 
4. My first time using Bernina's new machines! They sewed like butter!

The good: My goal for going was to have fun and network to help my blog grow. (My husband is in law school, so making side money would be really helpful.) I did feel like I accomplished this goal, and it was just so fun to meet people that I've only read about online. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many talented seamstresses! They understood and appreciated fabric and sewing.
A part of Olivia Omega's personal branding class was to take more pictures of yourself so that people know who you are. We were assigned to take a picture of ourselves and post it. I added a fun pirate patch for fun!

The bad: As an apparel seamstress, I was bothered by the selection of classes for apparel sewing. I didn't take any because most of them were really basic apparel sewing. Maybe it's because I studied clothing construction in college, but I really would've love to see intermediate or advanced classes.
There were a lot more expenses once I got there that I didn't realize I would have to pay. Conferences are way more expensive than just the conference ticket. I don't know if I'll go again just because it was a huge expense.
1. A hilarious opening by Alicia Dirago, "How to be miserable as an artist." 
2. Listening to Heather Bailey's speech at the closing dinner. She is such an amazing person and basically changed the fabric and sewing world into what it is today! She had one of the first DIY blogs and helped make fabric modern. She's one of those people I've always wanted to meet, but didn't know I wanted to meet. 
3. I won fabric at the dinner! It's nice to stock up on wovens!
4. I decided to go home Saturday night instead of staying to sew, so I could watch the BYU v. UofU game with my husband. I did a lot of cutting out and unpicking.

First day classes:
Fabric Design with Pat Bravo - Amazing! She was so inspiring and fun. I don't want to design fabric, but she had great advice for collections which I'll use from now on.
Sewing with Leather with Lindsey Rhodes - My most anticipated class and I learned SO much! I'm going to try to make a leather diaper bag before the next baby.
Personal Branding with Olivia Omega - She is so fun and had some really great tips about not competing against someone else to be yourself.
HTML Basics by Jeni Baker - I expected something different, but was able to learn a little bit.

Second day classes:
Brands and Bloggers with Bernina - Bernina is still my favorite sewing machine company, but I don't think I ever want to get big enough to work with a company this big.
Social Media with Tauni Everett - Amazing! Tauni is hilarious in real life and had so many awesome tips!
Building Your Business with Alicia Dirago - Alicia is so inspiring. I won't ever really have a tangible product , but I do think of my blog as a little business.
Photography with Melissa Esplin - She's great because she's not a professional, so it was down-to-earth for non-professionals who want to take good pictures.
All my goods from Sewing Summit!
1. Samples from sponsors that we would find at our tables when we sat down to eat.
2. I went to a fun dinner put on by the Simple Simon and Co girls. They gave cute notions and had thoughtfully chosen a pattern for everyone that came; mine was an adorable vintage baby pattern! We also did a little gift exchange, and I got a yummy candle from Sew Caroline.
3. Fabric bundle I won
4. Printed bag, washi tape, pencils, and tape from Alicia Dirago who does Whimsey Box.
5. Roommate goods! I totally missed that in my research and had nothing to give! Everyone was so sweet though and gave lots of awesome stuff!

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  1. Your eyes look amazing in your picture you took.
    Sounds like you had fun and learned a lot about you and what you want from your blog.
    Thanks for sharing!


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