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Men's Shirt Dress Refashion Tutorial

This dress first debuted in Project $0 over at Winter Wonderings, Wanderings, and Whatnot. Recently, on of my friends gave me about ten of her husband's button up shirts that they were done with. I have had a lot of hits on my refashioned shirt dress that I made 4.5 years ago and wore when my husband proposed to me, and decided to make a simpler tutorial version!
I've decided this is the perfect dress for women. It's super comfy and "chasing kids" worthy, it can grow with pregnancy or shrink with post-partem, it has nursing access, it has pockets, and it's cute and fun!
Two men's button up shirts (1 large enough to fit loosely around your hips, 1 fits your torso loosely)
Sewing supplies*
5/8" Elastic measured to fit your waist
1. Take the shirt that will become the skirt. Cut the sleeves off and cut a straight line across the top at the length you want with 1" seam allowance. Take the shirt that'll become the bodice and cut it at your waist with 1" seam allowance.
2. Line up the shirt with the skirt at the waist. Draw new side seams for the skirt and shirt. 
3. Sew up the new side seams separately, trim, and finish the edges.
(My shirt was very large so I cut them off and resewed them on at then end. You don't have to do this if your shirt fits you loosely.)
4. With right sides together insert the skirt inside the bodice matching the waist seam.
5. Sew the waist together at 1". Finish the edges.
6. Pin the seam allowance down (or up, no difference).
7. From the outside sew the seam allowance 3/4" from the seam line. Leave a small opening.
8. Insert elastic into the opening and close the small opening.
That's it! Enjoy your awesome new dress!


  1. One of the dresses I made recently finished the elastic casing at the waist in the same way. I thought it was so genius! The dress turned out great...love it :)

  2. Wow! What a great transformation! Really turned out super cute!

  3. I do believe this is the cleverist refasion I've ever gandered upon!

  4. Really great idea to use two mens tops. I've only ever seen one XL mens top turned into a short little dress, that doesn't have much coverage. Love that this one has some length! Thanks.

    Check out my sewing tutorials too if you get a chance!

  5. What a cute and easy refashion, thanks for linking up. Voting starts Friday, so come back (& tell your friends too!)

  6. Very cute. What a great job on your remake. :)

  7. What if we like the original with the waistband? The super cute one you wore when you got engaged? Do you have a modified tutorial for that?

    1. I don't at the moment. Sorry! I would just cut one off and sew it right over the elastic casing.


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