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Gown for an Angel Baby

I actually had a different post scheduled for today, but I was able to be part of a very special experience yesterday. I'm only sharing this because I felt so blessed to be apart of it.
One of my good friends has had some complications with her fourth pregnancy, and it got to the point that they were waiting for the baby to pass away. I live too far for babysitting her other children or helping with meals. I was not given the talent to speak comfort, but I can sew comfort. I told my friend that I would make two gowns for her baby; one for her to keep and one as a bereavement gown. Well, the baby was born preterm the other night, so I quickly sewed up the dresses.
My goal was to make the baby girl look like an angel. I wanted angel-like sleeves and clouds holding her. I made circle sleeves and used lots of flared circle strips on the skirt to give it cloud-like volume. When we tried it on the baby, she did look just like a little angel baby. 
The back is simple with an velcro opening for easy on and off. I used this free Baby Hospital Gown Pattern and Tutorial and then did a bunch of alterations to make it look the way I wanted it too.
My friend has been such a great example of faith during this very difficult time. In a time like this, I am so grateful for my faith. I am grateful for my knowledge of life after death. As a part of my faith I believe that there is life after death and that God has a plan for families to be together forever. My friend is of the same faith as I, and I know she will be with her little angel baby again in the next life.


  1. Oh how amazingly sweet of you! What a hard and difficult time your friend is going through. Her faith will surely help her through this and I am glad that she is surrounded by a supportive community (with you in it).

  2. Oh Heather, I cannot imagine how hard it must have been to sew these beautiful dresses. You did such a wonderful job. And you friend is so fortunate to have your support. My prayers are with the family.

  3. Wow. What an incredible gift. That is a gorgeous little dress. It would be an awesome baby blessing dress. Or a cute tunic. You should make a pattern of this, starting with a little gown, and going up in size. It is amazing!
    You are so sweet to do this for her. Thanks for sharing.

  4. that was a wonderful thing to do and the dress is truly angelic. I hope your friend is doing well blessings for you and her family

  5. That is so sweet, Heather.

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    1. (Now I have the right account) This is so touching. I am thankful for your example of giving and supporting in the way we know how. You are an amazing friend! Our prayers go out to your friend, her family, and her angel.

  7. It's beautiful, and I'm sure it was perfect on her. Prayers for your friend, for you, and all those effected.

  8. How beautiful you are to offer such comfort at such a time. I'm sure the Mom is overwhelmed. I'm sending prayers for the family and prayers for you.

    God Bless

  9. What a lovely gesture, I'm sure your beautiful gown will be held and stroked by your friend for many years to come.

  10. This made me cry so much. As a mother with two babies in heaven, I cannot begin to tell you how sweet and loving this is for your friend. I know that in the midst of it, I just felt numb and overwhelmed, and every little thing will be cherished. The blessing of knowing Christ and the hope He gives us is truly immeasurable. Praying for your friend, that God continue to sustain her and her family through this. Love in Christ!

  11. Oh Heather,
    this is really sweet. I love that you sewed comfort. I was just going through your site today, since I didn't go to the play group :( And Scary and I started talking about this post. We all think that it is really sweet, and I am so glad you were able to comfort your friend.
    I also think it was really sweet that you made two dresses.
    Thanks for sharing,
    with love,

  12. That was really sweet from you. All my thoughts are with your friend. the dress really looks angelic.


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