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DIY Camera Case and Purse Organizer

I have been working so hard behind to scenes to get ready for Sewing Summit that I haven't been able to make any new tutorials. Sorry, but I did use a couple of others that I can recommend to you!
First, I am always switching between different purses and my diaper bag which means I always leave something important in the other bag. I forget things all the time. I finally found this awesome DIY Purse Organizer, and you use a cereal box to make it sturdy! Now I can just grab this one thing and move it to whatever bag I'm using. It came together so fast; I wish I would've made one sooner! I used leftover cotton woven fabric from my kindle case. It has pockets on each sides for lip stuff, a pen, a tiny notebook, and gum. The middle is for my wallet and my sunglasses.
Second, I made a padded camera case for my camera a couple of months ago using this camera case tutorial. I never showed it on here because it wasn't cute, but it did protect my camera. Well, it was too big so I recently cut a third off of it and added an extra pocket. One side does have raw edges, but it protects my DSLR much better because it fits snugly.
They both fit great in my newly thrifted purse. I was going to make a new back, but I ran out of time. It's half finished, so I'll probably finish in a couple of months.
I also made a super-quick business card holder that I'll be using. I used this no-sew tutorial. You only need an iron to make it! I was sucked into buying a notebook with my business card info on it from Vistaprint because I want to do what Miranda does with her business cards. She tapes them in a notebook and writes notes under each one so she can remember the people she met. Isn't that a great idea?
I also embroidered my blog name and a bird on a simple bag to carry all my blog stuff. I hope it's not too over the top!


  1. You are going to have so much fun this weekend!

  2. You are ready! Have fun :)

  3. YES! I need to make the camera case

  4. Love the embroidered bag--how you recreated the business card.


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