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You Flew Tuesdays: A Sewing Linkup - 37

I just finished my new favorite book, These Is My Words. Have you read it? It's amazing. I'm now in a book slump. I'm afraid to start a new book because it'll never measure up. Do you have any book recommendations? Or have you read These Is My Words and want to talk about it? 

This link with the most hits was Sew The Perfect Fit Class Review by So Sew Easy.
Add side seam pockets by House of Estrela
Summer Vest by Feroni
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  1. I was delighted to see that the Sew the Perfect Fit was the most viewed link last week - I think fitting is such an important issue in sewing - you can't look good without it. This week I've been working on the bodice muslin. Thanks for the party Heather.

  2. A great party Heather! I saw a post you +'d on g+ about Mormans. It was neat to learn a little more about the faith. I don't know much, but I've always admired the way Mormon women dress. My husband went to a Morman church for years as a kid, so he's very familiar. He actually went stag because he was in love with a little girl who was very devout. :) anyways, thanks for hosting!


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