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Henry has gotten to the age that anything with wheels is the coolest. He loves trains, cars, trucks, and especially bikes, so I was really excited to review a Strider bike from Sidewalk Monkeys. They have really great customer service, they ship (quickly) anywhere in the country or they’ll meet you if you live nearby in Utah, and they even rent Strider bikes so your child can try it out! 

We met Anna at a park, and she was so nice and outgoing. She opened the box, and the bike was assembled in minutes! It’s only three main pieces and a couple little pieces. All the tools and pieces were provided in the box.

I was lucky to catch a picture of Henry the very first second he got on his bike. Look how determined he is, and his little tongue!

He really liked it even though he’s slowly learning to balance. He gets super excited every time we take it out for a spin.

Anna’s three older kids are on the left. (Henry would not cooperate and get on his bike for the picture!) They have the smaller versions, the Strider ST-4, and a larger version, the Strider SUPER16. The ST-4 is for kids up to 60 lbs, and you can get a seat extender for more heighth. The SUPER16 is for ages 6-10, so it’s never too late to teach your kids to balance on a bike.

Let me just say, I was blown away by what Anna’s kids could do on their bikes. They have been riding Strider bikes for so long that they looked extremely comfortable on them and they can even do tricks!

My favorite feature of this bike, besides being so light, is that the tires are not regular bike tires. They are some sort of hard foam, so they don’t need to be pumped, they never go flat, and never need to be replaced! I looked closely at Anna’s bikes and the tires had lots of tiny punctures. I remember flat tires being one of the worst things about being a kid. I hated having to try to pump them up.

Henry took a detour to play with some ants during the photoshoot. He really loved riding his bike through the ants.I found it really helped his steering to ask him to ride through the pile of sand or to ride over a leaf.

After about a week and a half, I can see Henry starting to balance on the bike. He’s pretty cautious, just like his Daddy, but he gets more brave everyday. One thing that Henry didn’t like was when he was wearing shorts, the textured feet spots near the back wheel would scratch his leg. I try to make him wear pants every time I take him out, and that helps protect his little calves. Find Sidewalk Monkeys on Facebook for more info.

These opinions are 100% mine. I was not paid for this post or review. I was given one bike to review in exchange for this post.


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