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Sewing 101 - OneTip That Changed My Double Needle Sewing

Every Monday I like to answer your sewing questions! Feel free to ask questions in the comments or email me. Also, if you know the answer to someone's question, go ahead and answer it. We're here to help each other learn about sewing! 
I love sewing with double needles. I think it makes such a professional look. When I used them in my sewing class at college, I never had a problem with them. Well I have the same exact sewing machine model, but I have problems with the bobbin thread tunneling. On some knits you can't see it, but on really light knits it can always be seen. I realized that the foot of my sewing machine has different heights which changes the pressure put on the fabric, and my foot was at the highest. My fabric didn't have enough pressure on it! Now that my sewing machine foot is at the lowest height, I never have a problem with tunneling!
Learn how to sew with a double needle.


  1. Great tip Heather! I always forget to adjust that pressure when I change from one type of fabric to the next.

  2. Can I change the pressure on a very basic machine? I had no idea lol

  3. I really need to put a double needle on my list... Any recommendations in terms of which width to get?

    1. I really like the thinner widths because they don't tunnel as much, but I only use stretch double needles for any kind of knit fabric I sew on.

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  5. Replies
    1. When the zigzag stitch underneath pulls straight and forms a tunnel or bump in the fabric.


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