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Pretty and Liquid Repellant Chair Cushions

I've been wanting to make chair cushions for our kitchen table for about a year. I was going to buy some at Ikea because they are so cheap, but I still didn't want to spend $30 on something I knew I could make myself. Finally, about a month ago I cut some cushions out and just barely finished them this week!
My goal for these cushions was no cost, easy to clean and easy to keep clean, and being pretty. To combine all these I dug through my stash to see what I had. I had some great white vinyl-ish fabric. It is waterproof, but it's softer than vinyl and slightly stretchy. I didn't have enough to make all the cushions, so I decided to make them one sided. To make them cute, I did the opposite sides with some pretty yellow fabric I had and made some matching piping.
Today you get to enjoy lots of photo-bombing. Henry though he was hilarious every time he got in my photo, and he really wanted to touch the lens. Sorry, if there isn't that many great pictures because of my favorite photo-bomber!
I didn't make a tutorial because these are basically making pillows with piping and adding buttons in the middle and straps. 
When company comes over we can just flip the cushions over to show off the fabric. If Henry's around, then we flip the vinyl right side up!
I found this black, gray, and yellow fabric in the bargain bin a long time ago. I love the colors and the floral print.
I had some leftover lemon print fabric from my toaster cover. My dream of a lemony kitchen is slowly coming together.
I was to lazy to make straps so I finished the raw edge of the piping with bias binding. It gives it a really cool look, and I love it!
I still love this little bugger.

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