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Men's Button-Up Shirt Pants

A long time ago Celina from Petit a Petit posted about Kallio, and I immediately pinned their shirt pants. I LOVED everything about them. I soon forgot about them even though I peruse my boys clothes inspiration board often. Fortunately, my friend Abby (who made this amazing owl sweater knitting pattern) made some for her Henry and totally inspired me to make some for my Henry.
I used a shirt I've had for years that my brother got in Italy about ten years ago. It has random paint-like splotches all over it. I added cuffs because the pants were too tight at the ankle, and I had to cut that part off. I kept the front pocket and showed Henry how to use a pocket; he was mesmerized! My friend used a solid shirt and stenciled sailboats all over it. Both pant are harem style pants with skinny legs.
Since both boys are named Henry we call them big Henry and baby Henry so there isn't any confusion. They even call each other that! At least big Henry gave a great smile for the picture unlike baby Henry.
I asked them to stand next to each other for a picture and baby Henry folded his arms.
I can't get enough of this face! Luckily, he's in the stage where he gives lots of kisses! And he rarely leaves the apartment without some sort of hat on. 


  1. I'm addicted to these right now. It was fun to have our boys play together and to catch up with you!

  2. My boys are in a hat stage too. Zeke refuses to walk out the door without his (inherited) great grandfather's green fedora. Xander is partial to a top hat daddy wore in a wedding.
    These pants are so cute! (As are the 2 Henry's.)

  3. I wish my kid would wear a hat!

  4. I wish my kid would wear a hat!

  5. These are on my to do wish list... but there are always too many projects to make and they end up on the bottom on that list. I loved the ones on baby Henry, because of the fabric, but big Henry's stenciled boats are too darling too.

  6. I love both Henrys! That last pic is amazing!

  7. So happy I could inspire you a little :) How fun, I love these and they look so comfy! Adorable!!!

  8. So cute! I love them! Great job!

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