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Harem Overalls Tutorial

When I designed the Harem Pants and Harem Shorts Pattern, one of my inspirations was harem overalls. And now I have finallly made a pair for Henry! Doesn't he look adorable?
I have to let you know, Henry chose the hat for the photoshoot.
Fabric (cotton or knit)
Harem Pants Pattern
Sewing supplies*
1. Cut out the regular pattern pieces. Cut a bib and straps for the front of the overalls. Also, cut a facing of the bib and waist of the pants.
2. Sew the straps together.
3. I had a front and a back facing, so I sewed them together.
4. Assemble the pants and sew on the bib to the center front. Sew on the leg cuffs.
5. Sew on the facing. Make sure you sew the straps into the back in between the overalls and facing. Clip the corners and turn the facing to the inside.
6. Topstitch around the top edge of the overalls 1/8" from the edge. On the sides and back sew 1.25" from the top to make a casing for the elastic. Insert elastic and sew down on each side of the bib. Add buttons and buttonholes to the straps and corners or the bib.
Mr. Cutie with his hat that he loves wearing!
I made the mistake of taking Henry to the fabric store with me, and the whole time he kept asking for cars. I luckily found some cute transportation fabric to get for him.
I will have to play with the elastic a little bit because I haven't found the perfect amount. First it was too tight and here it's a little too loose. Hopefully, I can find it quickly because I loathe sewing fixing something after I have blogged about it.


  1. We love overalls around here! The fabric you used is so cute. Great job Heather.

  2. So stinking cute! The overalls and Henry :)

  3. Love the hat- I had to bribe heavily to get a pink foam tiara taken off for a photoshoot today :) Great pattern adaptation too!


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