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Boy's BYU Shirt: We're Ready For College Football!

One of my husband's hobbies is college football, and I'm actually pretty excited to have my boys watching college football together this Fall. I realized that Henry did have any BYU, our alma mater, shirts so I quickly remedied that just in time for college football to open up this weekend. He even played with the ball for these photos!
I know Henry won't understand much, but he'll love soaking up time with my husband and he can always pick out the football on the TV.
I got this vintage shirt from one of our friend's who dressed up to make fun of BYU last year for Halloween. (He goes to the rival school where we are for law school.) He didn't know what he was going to do with it after so I asked if I could use it for Henry!
I just cut up the shirt to make it little for Henry. I love the vintage sleeve stripes and purposely made them half sleeve length to go with the vintage vibe. I think it turned out great and will hopefully last through college basketball too!
Duck face silliness!


  1. Duck face cuteness. He's totally losing his baby's look.

  2. LOVE! It turned out great. Football is really my favorite I'm excited for the season.


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