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You Flew: A Sewing Linkup - 33

We've slowly been starting to potty train Henry. It hasn't really taken off, but I'm considering the reward to get him interested in it. I have made him some training pants (a tutorial in the works!). Anyway, Henry is the type of kid that loves playing with other people, and I know he'll forgetting about going to the bathroom when he's distracted. Any tips for this?

The link with the most hits was How to Sew Perfect Darts by So Sew Easy
High-low music tunic by Sews N Bows
Zigzag Applique by All Glorious
Gingham Boy's Button-up Shirt by Sew Ashley Sew
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  1. Thanks for hosting! I do love the gingham shirt :-)

  2. I've been potty training G. too. Ask him every hour if he want to use the bathroom, in order to remind him. My problem is the poop, she gets scared to do it most o the times =(

  3. Heather yay! Thanks for featuring my little Bella in her hi-low Tunic! You are so cool!

    I feel ya on potty training...we are introducing my niece to the potty...she's not interested at all, except for dropping things in there:) thanks for hosting a cool party full of sewing goodies!

  4. New to the party, thanks to Amy Mayen! Thanks for hosting!
    Gina @ Gina's Craft Corner

  5. I found putting one of our cloth diapers with full absorbency back on when were going to be away from home for any length of time kept accidents to a minimum. I would offer to put her on the toilet if we were gone for a while (eg church or coffee at a friend's) with one of those small folding potty seats and was really suprised by how quickly she took to asking for potty and not soiling the diaper. If we were with other little kids, i asked her frequently rather than depending on an easily distracted toddler mind.

  6. I had both my girls done around 2 to 2 1/2. And then they stopped a couple of months after I thought I had everything done. It took them until after 3 before they really got it. So the best advice I have is to just let him do it on his time table. I know paying for diapers is a pain, but having them figure it out works, at least for my kids. Also I have heard that potty train in a day works great. Good luck!

  7. My friend found a 'watch' that looked like a potty. You set the time, say every 30 minutes, and a little tune would play to remind the kiddo to go potty. She said it cost ten dollars and I think she got it at Target. She swore it saved her sanity!


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