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You Flew: A Sewing Linkup - 32

I need some hair help/advice. My hair is thick, wavy/frizzy, slippery, and dry, and I get a really itchy scalp. I like to keep it's natural wave so I rarely use heat or products on it. I'm sure this is because I'm using cheap shampoo and conditioner. I was having a problem with frizzy all-over and oily roots, so I tried the "no poo" method. I loved it because it got rid of the frizz and oily-ness and made my waves turn into beautiful ringlets. The only problem was it made my itchy scalp even itchier! I think the baking soda was too harsh or something. Any tips for shampoo or conditioner that can help me with all of these problems? Or is there a different moisturizing "no poo" method I can try?
The link with the most hits was the One Hour Dress Tutorial by Little Miss Kimberly Ann.
Scrappy lil Gentleman by Handicraftiness
A Colorful Sundress by Sue Sewed
Mickey and Minnie Drawstring Bags by House of Estrela
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  1. How cool! Thanks for featuring my 1 hour dress! Those Minnie mouse drawstring bags are ADORABLE!! Thanks again for hosting a great link up party :)

  2. I believe itchy scalp is often caused by dry skin. So you'd want that to be moisturized. But then that would mess up your hair. Hm. I don't know but I'm wondering if a shampoo like Grandma El's, that's meant for little ones, might work? My daughter has extremely fine hair and a tendency towards a very dry, flaky scalp. I use this on her and it works well on her scalp and seems to be fine for her hair. I'm not sure, but that's my best idea. Good luck.

  3. I started on a "no poo" method about 4 weeks ago. I started with the baking soda/apple cider vinegar method. Shortly after I started that, I read a lot of comments exactly like yours -- that after awhile people were getting dry, itchy scalps on this particular "no poo" method. So, about a week in, I switched to a PH balanced natural shampoo method that I found here: http://thankyourbody.com/ph-balanced-shampoo-recipe/

    I've been using the PH balanced method for about 3 weeks now. I'm still in the detox phase, so my hair is still feels pretty oily and like it has too much product in, but it is slowly and surely getting better. It looks good, even though it still feels funny to me, it holds its natural curl amazing with no product at all, and I have no itchy scalp!!

    Don't know if it will work for you, but it might be worth a look.

  4. Hi Heather, thanks so very much for the feature! I look forward to adding your button.

    I'm a curly head myself, and have been following Curly Girl for years, ten maybe...What works best for me is 'washing' my hair with a quality conditioner that has natural ingredients; no dyes, or harsh preservatives etc. About once a week I use a shampoo on my hair that also does not have questionable ingredients. I've never heard of washing my hair with baking soda, but I would wonder if that might be the problem.

    Sue xo

  5. I use Paul Mitchell "The Shampoo" every other day, and bathe my hair I conditioner. Thanks for hosting, my fellow curly haired friend!

  6. I started the baking soda/vinegar method too! Seems to be a theme with sewing bloggers lately, I heard about it from Sara over at Emmyloubeedoo. I haven't had an itchy scalp, but I have crazy dry scalp in the winter that I was hoping this method would help. I haven't noticed dryness, but only wash it 2-3 times a week. I have a friend who never washes her hair, just condition it every time. Hair is so bizarre!

  7. As a stylist I would recommend using a tea tree product. Paul Mitchell sells one that is nice, but can get pricey. You can get a knock off brand from Sallys. Another one you could try is American Crew's citrus mint. I had a room mate who had the greasy hair, and it worked wonders. Curly hair tends to be dryer, so you need to moisturize it more than "regular hair".
    I know no one likes spending money on "professional" product, but it is worth it. If you can find liters, they usually last me 3 months. I have medium thickness, slightly curly, down to my shoulder blade length hair.

  8. I also do the no poo thing and have for over two years. I use cheap conditioner.. I use the suave white rain most of the time. I get my hair wet, finger a big glob through, leave it on for a few minutes while I do everything else in shower then rinse really well. Everyonce in awhile I will use the tinest bit of shampoo in the front and sideburn area, My hair lived in a clip until I started doing this!

  9. Hey Heather, thanks so much for the feature! =D


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