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Simple Training Pants Tutorial

We've slowly introduced potty training to Henry. We're going to take it really slow. One of the tips that I think will help the most is going to cloth diapers so that your child feels when they're wet. I don't want to make or buy cloth diapers so I decided to make some simple training pants. 
Now these are not extremely absorbent. They would not be able to take the place of regular diapers or maybe even training pants. This is my simple, cheap way to teaching Henry when he feels wet. It also makes him feel like a big boy because he's wearing "underwear." I cut the underwear just in case there's a mess I don't want to drag down Henry's legs. Feel free to skip that step if you'd like.
A pack of underwear
Waterproof fabric (I used Pul fabric)
1. Make a pattern that covers most of the area of the underwear.
2. Cut 4-5 layers of flannel using the pattern. Cut 1 layer of waterproof fabric.
3. Cut the underwear on both of the front sides.
4. With the underwear laid out open and facing up, lay the layers of flannel on the underwear.
5. Put the waterproof fabric on top and pin.
6. Sew. I sewed with a zigzag so I wouldn't have to finish the edges of the flannel.
7. Trim the ragged edges of the flannel.
8. Fold the raw edges of the underwear over and sew. (This underwear is a little big on Henry, so I didn't mind losing circumference. If you don't want to lose any space, sew on some facing, fold over and sew.)
9. Add snaps/velcro/buttons or whatever closures you want.
Make as many as you want! Hopefully these will help with potty training!


  1. We've been potty training around here too. I first thought about making a few training pants too but then I didn't even have the tie for it, G.'s not using diapers for nearkly a month, only when she sleeps.

  2. That's such a cool idea!! I linked to your tutorial in a post on Craft Gossip, scheduled for later this evening:


  3. We are starting to potty train the boys too. I made a couple of training pants with old t-shirts, prefold diapers (the ones used for burl cloths), and scrap flannel. I think I may make a few using your tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great idea! I spent way too much buying training pants, I really should have sewn some up!
    One tip that I found out about part-way through potty training my son was to put thin plastic covers on top of his regular underwear or training pants -- the kind you put on top of cloth diapers. The dappi brand were quite reasonably priced and fairly soft (not like wearing crinkly plastic!). We still use them occasionally for extra insurance.


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