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Me Made: Mint Pencil Skirt

The other day I was in one of those "I need to make something for myself right now that will make me feel pretty" moods. Do you ever get that mood? (Give into it; awesome things happen!) Anyway, that mood produced a mint pencil skirt.
I used a Robert Kaufman fabric (I think; I cut the side off and can't remember) that a friend let me buy cheap. It's a beautiful fabric. It has a subtle, small pattern which almost makes it look solid. Close up, the colors are probably emerald and white, from far away it looks mint!
I paired it with this chambray shirt I made. Instead of having a slit or pleat in the back, I added a little trumpet piece. Isn't it elegant? I love it, and I'll have a tutorial ready for you on Friday!
 Yummy: mint, chambray, and coral pink.


  1. I really like the length of your pencil skirt. It turned out beautiful! And those pink shoes are great!

  2. That belt coordinates perfectly! Love the colour of the fabric :)

  3. I like the trumpet-what a fun detail! Ind I'm saving that idea for future reference-I tend to butcher skirt vents! You are gorgeous!

  4. You are gorgeous!!!! And so is the skirt-- love the color!

  5. Great project. I love the color of the skirt and your belt/shirt combo with it.

  6. Gorgeous. And yes, I have those moments. I haven't given into it yet. But I need to. And I love those shoes, so cute!

  7. really like the colour of the skirt! =)


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