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How To Make Peplum Bloomers

Check out my refashioning post at House of Estrela today! I made a outfit for Henry and combine three of my heritages!

Today I get to show you a really cool variation to the Perfect Playtime Pants Pattern! The idea of peplum bloomers was one of my first inspirations to designing this pattern, and now you can make some too!
1. Cut out the bloomer pattern pieces just like the pattern says. Sew the bloomers together except the elastic casing. Measure the length of the waist. 
2. That measurement will be used for a circle which is the inside of the peplum. I found a plate with a similar measurement and traced it. There are two layers of fabric here.
3. Decide how long you want the peplum to be and draw a large circle around the small circle. Mine was 6.5" long.
4. Cut it out and then cut a line through the peplum.
5. Sew each layer back together.
6. Put the peplums right side together and sew 1/4" around the outside edge.
7. Trim and flip inside out. Iron edges flat.
8. Divide the waist of the peplum and waist of the bloomers into four equal parts and match.
9. Baste the three edges together and finish the edges.
10. Pin the edge over 1.25" and pin.
11. Sew at 1" but leave 2" open to insert the elastic. Insert the elastic and close the casing.
Now you've got some adorable peplum bloomers for your adorable little girl!
Can you imagine a little girl crawling around in these peplum bloomers!?


  1. so cute! I might try this for my 1 year old niece, since I'm already potty training my 2 year old.

  2. Love this idea! I'm excited to make a pair of bloomers for my little one. She has a lot of cute inbetween length tunic not quite a dress tops I think they'll be great for.

  3. So absolutely adorable!
    Will you please stop by my Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop and share this link? It goes live tonight 7pm EDT. :)
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