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Henry's 4th of July Outfit: His Three Heritages

This post was first published at House of Estrela for her refashion month. Because my post got scheduled on July 4th, which as you may know is Independence Day in the United States, I could not get past the idea of a 4th of July inspired outfit. Well, Henry was named after my German grandfather who was born on July 3rd, and my father was raised in Canada and their Independence day is July 1st. I decided to combine these three heritages (USA, German, and Canadian) in an outfit for Henry. It turned out really cute on July 4th because we will be getting together with the German side of my family, and they will definitely appreciate his little lederhosen.
He insisted on wearing those glasses for the photoshoot.
I used a tank top I found at Walmart for Henry's shirt. I was going to fabric print one, but I ran across this awesome striped one and couldn't pass it up.
For the pants I used some of my brother's tan twill pants to make some adorable lederhosen for Henry. I didn't go with traditional leather because it's not and not conducive to toddler play. I used Compagnie M's free Charles pants sewing pattern. I just shortened them and added some straps.
For the Canadian part, I added some cool embroidery to the chest piece. My sewing machine has lots of embroidery stitches and I found one that looks like the maple leaf and reminds me of the Canadian flag. It's the perfect touch!


  1. Can't get enough of it! =)

  2. The leiderhosen are to die for. And he looks so much like his daddy in some of the middle shots! So cute.

  3. My family bought my older brother a pair of lederhosen from Austria, and after he'd finished with them I wore them from the age of five until I was twelve. I only stopped wearing them because I couldn't squeeze into them any more. I'm talking about just the one pair! They never wear out! They're made out of thick suede leather, which bends, and I found them very comfortable, as well as indestructible. Perfect for running wild.


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