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FREE PATTERN: Size 4 Leather Sandals

In my quest to not buy any clothes for Henry this year, I decided to try to make some sandals. I made some for his Spring/Summer collection, but that first attempt has some flaws. This time I know what will work best for a busy toddler. 
Size 4 Sandal Pattern
Vinyl/faux leather (something some and malleable, but strong)
Sewing supplies*

1. Cut out the patterns.
 2. Pin and sew the cut-out piece to the solid piece on the outside edge.
 3. Sew straight lines down the center of the cut-outs to stabilize them.
4. I decided to cut out a thick vinyl piece to go right on top of the bottom piece. Trim the edges to match.
5. Take the two top pieces and sew them together around the edges. Pin if you'd like.
6. Trim the edges to match. 
7. Line up the sewn bottom piece with the top piece and sew around the foot.
8. Fold the flaps in towards the foot and sew with a zigzag around the foot shape.
It should look like this.
9. Trim off the edges the extend over the foot shape.
10. Fold the front and back flap over 1/2" and sew.
11. Cut two slits in the front to slide the side flaps through.
I pinned my flaps so I could try it on Henry. I then hand-sewed the flaps together.
12. Measure so elastic that fits around your child's ankle. Slide it through the front and the back and sew it together. Hide the joining in one of the flaps.
 That's it! Now you have some cute, "free" sandals for the summer!
 Happy summer!


  1. Great idea. I'm not spending on clothes, but it's harder for the shoes department. I am lucky though, a friend has just given a bag full of shoes from her daughter and they are new! <3

  2. Awesome!! I bet they're easy to put on with those elastic straps. And loving the way you made the grippy bottom. I linked to your pattern over at Craft Gossip:


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