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Flared Kick-Back Skirt Pattern Tutorial

I'm loving the flared kick-back detail of my mint pencil skirt, and got a lot of good feedback from you! First off, thank you! And now I have the simple pattern alteration so you can make one too!
Take the back piece of your pencil skirt. I drew a straight line where I wanted the flare to be. I didn't cut it because I wanted to keep the original pattern, but I folded it.
I measured the triangle I took out and made a separate triangular pattern piece. You can make one obtuse triangle for lots of flare, or two acute triangles for lots of flare and a seam in the middle. I went with two triangles, so I cut two of these. The key to making the flare, is to cut the triangle on the bias. This gives the flare and drape the kick-back needs.
Cut out the back as usual and your kick-back piece(s). Sew in the kick-back before sewing the center back seam. When you get to the hem, make sue you measure the hem while you're wearing it so the hem is all the same length.


  1. I love godet inserts in skirts.

  2. Thanks for posting this!

  3. What a simple adjustment, but it totally makes it awesome! I have a great black and white striped fabric that would be so awesome in a skirt like this. Far away it would look grey, but up close you could see the pattern. Thanks for the inspiration!


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