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A KCW Afterthought

I've gotten really excited about the summer KCW and loved seeing all the projects. I didn't sign up because I was too busy. After looking at the state of Henry's clothes, I decided it needed a little help. He is REALLY hard on his clothing.
I used one of my husband's throwaway tees to make a shirt for Henry. I used the original shirt hem and sleeve hems, so this was a really quick project. I also used the ribbing off of another tee. It has a raw edge on the outside which gives it a cool detail. I made this in 2T so it's slightly big on Henry, but now there's room to grow. The sleeves also turned out a little too long; I overestimated a lot-a-bit.
I made another 2T shirt from the leftover fabric from this striped maxi dress. I love this cute nautical-ish striped fabric. My double needle broke and I haven't had time to get another, so this whole shirt was made with a zigzag. I actually don't mind it much on the hems since it blends in so well.
I love the easiness of sweatshirt shorts, so I used the last little bit I had from this sweatshirt. These stripes are so fun. They are also 2T. Interestingly, 2T shirts fit Henry pretty well, but 2T shorts/pants are still huge on him. So these shorts are huge on Henry. Think pirate or little lost boy pants. They are great for growing into and for all those random hot days in the fall.


  1. My son is skinny, but tall enough that I have to buy him 3t shirts to make them long enough, but then they look huge on him!
    I have the same problem on shorts, he needs a 12 month waist size and a 3t length!

  2. I just whipped up some basics for the boy this KCW too! Busy time of year.

  3. Ive been attempting tshirts. I don't like the way my neckbands are looking. I wish I had a special foot...I'm going to keep plugging away though. I'm about to try a double needle for the first time..thanks for keeping me motivated!


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