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I am frugal. I love finding deals and saving money where I can. Through experience in sewing I have learned that cheaper isn’t always better. At first it hurt to buy expensive thread and needles, but I learned they lasted much longer and always produced a better product!
I got a pack of thread with lots of different colors for really cheap. I thought it was the best thing ever, until I used it. It messes up my machines tension every time. It makes my double needle tunnel. (If you are having problems with your double needle, use expensive thread!) It breaks easily. I always have to go back and mend when I sew with cheap thread.

Sewing 101: Buying Expensive or Cheap

I tried buying the bargain needles once. I went through four needles on one simple project! They kept either breaking the thread, breaking themselves, or making holes in my fabric.

Sewing 101: Buying Expensive or Cheap


Author: Heather