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Sewing 101: Buying Expensive or Cheap

I am frugal. I love finding deals and saving money where I can. Through experience in sewing I have learned that cheaper isn't always better. At first it hurt to buy expensive thread and needles, but I learned they lasted much longer and always produced a better product!
I got a pack of thread with lots of different colors for really cheap. I thought it was the best thing ever, until I used it. It messes up my machines tension every time. It makes my double needle tunnel. (If you are having problems with your double needle, use expensive thread!) It breaks easily. I always have to go back and mend when I sew with cheap thread.
 I tried buying the bargain needles once. I went through four needles on one simple project! They kept either breaking the thread, breaking themselves, or making holes in my fabric.


  1. I have a lot of cheap thread bought a LONG time ago. I probably should toss it, but I just use it for tacking.. enough to last several life times.

  2. Ditto Pam, masses of the stuff!!! Would like to source UK thread at a reasonable price, blogs from the states seem to have much bigger reals of quality thread! Vicky

  3. So do you have suggestions on brands of thread and such that work well? Also the same question for needles. I have problems with my machine shredding thread, or just not wanting to work with some thread. Any brand suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!

  4. Oh man, I found this out the hard way last year when it totally messed up the tension on my machine. Lately I've been using Gutermann thread, although I don't know what the best kind is. What's your favorite? Love your blog, by the way. :)

  5. can you please elaborate on what make a good needles and thread? or suggest some , PLEASE Please please?
    I am having some of the problems you are describing... but where do I get the good stuff? do the carry "expensive thread" at Joann's? not....right? dang.
    any help would be SO appreciated.......

    Thanks for all your tips! your blog has awesome info!

    1. I also get Schmetz needles and for thread I get either Coats & Clark or Gutterman. (Gutterman is truly the best, but it is really expensive, and I can't quite afford it.


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