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Perfect Summer Tee Week: Variation Sequin Pocket

I have this tee shirt I bought a couple years ago that I love. It is perfect in every way. It's starting to get a little threadbare, so I made a pattern from it. I made four variations from it for the perfect summer tee. Stay in tune for the rest of the shirts and a tutorial!
Today's variation is a tee from dark gray heather jersey with a black contrast neckband and a sequin pocket.
This tee represents me perfectly. I mean, the fabric is even named after me! I love the contrast neckband and the touch of glam. I love the fabric and the fit. This will definitely be a favorite tee for as long as it can hold up.
I'm excited to show you the different variations and teach you how to make your own pattern from your favorite tee! Let's get ready for summer!

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  1. That looks so comfortable. Perfect for summer. And easy to embellish, or even use for pj's.


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