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Perfect Summer Tee Week: The Perfect Dress!

Once you have your perfect tee pattern, there's so much you can do with it like make a dress! I used my pattern and made two separate dresses. One I used striped fabric and added a long a-line skirt for a maxi dress. The other I added a circle skirt for a simple tea-length dress. On both I had ribbing to the neckline and the waist.
To make a dress, I used the waistline as a guide to cut the fabric. Then I cut some ribbing the length I wanted. It's pretty simple!
 There are so many variations you can do. You could have the ribbing at the hips, waist, or empire line (think maternity!). You can add circle skirts, maxi skirts, pencil skirts, etc.
Henry kept jumping in my photoshoot. He wanted to see how the camera remote worked. The top right picture is the face Henry did when I asked him to do a funny face.


  1. Oohh- I love them both! I'm going to start sewing more for myself now and I think I'll start with something simple like this!

  2. Love the striped dress. I really love the shape of the skirt part...awesome!

  3. Great idea! They look fabulous :)

  4. They're both super cute! The maxi length dress looks so fun to wear.

  5. I just love that striped maxi dress. After I have this baby I think I'm going to have to make myself one

  6. Love the stripes. It seems very nautical to me....I think it would be adorable paired with a sun hat.


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