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Orange Linen-Look Shorts (Is she wearing mom jeans!?)

I have wanted to make myself some shorts for months. I found this fabulous neon orange linen-like fabric at the thrift store. I'm not sure what it's made of, but I think it has both natural and synthetic fibers and looks like linen. It's such a fun neon color with lots and lots of texture.
I used the same pattern as my red linen pants. I shortened them, took in the leg seams for a tighter fit, and put in an elastic waist instead of a drawstring. I also put the back pockets on a lot lower.
I'm wearing my very favorite shirt ever, my heathered sequin pocket tee. I've also paired these shorts with my white tie shirt and loved the touch of formal look. I might wear it that way the most often.
Can you believe these pants go to my natural waist? They're mom jeans! I love them though and with a long shirt, nobody can tell! I added mint ribbing for a fun touch, and they are super comfy. Is it bad that I want lots of elastic waist mom jeans?

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  1. I get tired of tugging on my pants and checking to see if my crack is hangin' out...bring on the mom jeans!


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