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Perfect Summer Tee Week: How to Make a Pattern From Your Favorite Tee

My favorite is definitely starting to get threadbare. I wear it all the time; it is my go-to! Well, I have now immortalized my shirt. From this pattern I have already made four shirts and two dresses for me and two shirts for my sister! Would you like to immortalize your favorite tee?
Favorite Tee
Wrapping paper/medical exam paper
Paper scissors

1. Lay out your tee on the paper. Trace around the shirt adding seam allowance. I added 1/2" seam allowance to sides and 1" to the hem. This is the back piece.
*I like to trace all sides and then work on the sleeve curves because I have to lift the sleeve.
2. Lay out the shirt again on the paper to make the front. Trace around the sides, hems, armholes, etc. with seam allowance.
3. To mark the front neckline. I use a pin to poke along an invisible line where I want my seam allowance to end. This pokes through the paper and marks my perfect line. Then I go through and cut on those dots.
4. Fold front in half on the center line. True the edges so that the pattern piece is perfectly symmetrical. Do the same to the back.
5. For the sleeves I lay the sleeve out on folded in half. I trace one side with seam allowances and hem allowance. I also mark the fold line. Then I fold the pattern on the foldline and cut on the drawn lines. This makes a perfectly symmetrical sleeve.
I like to mark the waistline/hipline so I always have that for dresses, peplums, etc.


  1. A great tut! Totally gonna make tshirts once I get a few successful knit projects under my belt. I've found a lot of things here that have helped me improve :)

  2. This is great, thanks :)


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