Contact Paper as Temporary Back-splash and Contact Paper Giveaway

We've been in the same apartment for almost two years, and I needed a change. I've done my best to make it feel like home, but I really enjoy switching things up. I thought I'd try some laminated vinyl from Chic Shelf Paper to switch up my kitchen one my wall above my sink. (The other wall in my kitchen is cinder block.)
The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was that the vinyl was thick. It felt like it could stand up to anything; I was so impressed with the quality! I chose a gorgeous bird print with colors I want to use in my kitchen.
The first thing I did was read all the instructions and clean my wall really well. Then I measured, measured, and measured. (Measure thrice, cut once!)
Then I drew out the shape I wanted on the back of the vinyl. Make sure you do a reverse! (I didn't when I started and had to start again!)
Then I cut it out carefully. I removed some of the backing and started applying it to the wall.
The tool that came with the vinyl is magic! It totally made the difference of making my application look professional.
Here I am in action! It's pretty simple to put it up, and it's really fun pushing out all the air bubbles.
The whole process went quicker than I thought it would! I went slowly, but it could be started and finished in one nap time! I also think this is a great idea for a house if you want a cheaper and quicker alternative to painting, wallpapering, or tiling!
Now I enjoy doing my dishes because I get to look at something so pretty and happy!
Besides having a huge collection, Chic Shelf Paper has a guide for helping you choose the right material and a Chic Shelf Paper calculator. Want to eliminate the work of cutting? They also offer a custom-cut service! Want to try it for yourself? Enter to win one roll of your choice of contact paper!
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  1. What a difference a little color makes -- and it's splash resistant!

  2. Love your kitchen. And I would choose rainbow vines. And probably put it behind the mirror in my kids bathroom.

  3. I like floral melange and sky flowers. I'd use it in my drab kitchen too!

  4. I love the Zinnias pattern! I would put it all over in my pantry to brighten it up. I already have some cool wallpaper in my kitchen, but I love the idea of using it as a backsplash in a plan kitchen!!

  5. Serendipity serenade is really neat. I'm not sure what I'd do with it but I know I can do something creative.

  6. Serendipity serenade is really neat. I'm not sure what I'd do with it but I know I can do something creative.

  7. Distressed Damask is my favorite. This reminded me of when I was in college. Roomie and I used sunflower contact paper for our backsplash. It was very cherry. The cabinets were metal so we had them decorated with our photos.

  8. Creative idea! Love the zinnias

  9. I'd do either Zinnias or Cubism (Mauve) as a back splash behind the sink. It's painted but I want something more.

  10. I like the distressed damask although I'm not sure what I'd do with it yet.


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