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You Flew: A Sewing Linkup - 27

I've kind of gotten to the point that I don't enjoy shopping for myself, because I make enough for myself and I always love the fit and style. Has anyone else had sewing end the joy of shopping?

The link with the most hits was the Summer Style Surfer Slacks by Once Upon A Sewing Machine.
Boys Can Sew by Green Issues by Agy
T-Shirt Dress by Threading My Way
Sashiko Pillow by Dreaming in Patchwork
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  1. Love seeing all the boys shorts popping up everywhere!

    I've always despised shopping, but now that I sew my own clothes, I like shopping in upscale shops to study their techniques. It's homework now, not shopping. :)

  2. Heather thanks for hosting! I'm thrilled to death & tickled pink to see Pam & Rachel's projects both featured here! They are 2 of the absolute nicest girls ever...I don't miss a post at either blog :)

  3. I often stand in clothing stores and say, sometimes out loud... I could make this for a fraction of the cost. Whether I do actually make it, is another story... LOL!!! Thanks for featuring my t-shirt dress, Heather. I'm intrigued by the Sashiko Pillow... I have to check that out!

  4. Thanks for mentioning :-)


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