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You Flew: A Sewing Linkup - 25

I’m reading a really interesting book right now called, Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other. It is becoming more and more apparent that most people would rather turn towards online relationships because we can control them. This only leaves us feeling more lonely. I can see some of these tendencies in myself, but I really worry about my son growing up in a technology-filled world. I know there is no going back, but how do you teach your children to work through their emotions on their own without being dependent on technology? How do you remember that people are most important?

The link with the most clicks was How to cut patterns perfectly by Sugar Tart Crafts
Guinea Pig dress by Sews N Bows
Free Sailor Pants Pattern by Compagnie M.
Maternity Dress Knock-Off by Sisters, Sisters
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  1. That is an interesting theory. My take on it is a bit different...and not necessarily bad. For me, it is much easier to get to know someone through their blog. Then, commenting takes it a bit further. I have already established that I might have something in common with them, simply for the fact that we both like blogging.

    If I really "click" with someone, I will respond to their comments in an email, and ask questions. Once the email dialogue has opened up, it's like having a pen-pal! And at that point, I wouldn't be opposed to meeting them in real life. So in that sense, it's not necessarily bad.

    On the other hand, younger children, especially boys I think, wouldn't necessarily be using technology in that way to form relationships.

  2. Wow: you've featured my pair of pants! Thanks a lot! I can't wait to see your version... :)

  3. Thanks for featuring my guinea pig dress! My kid designed that one:) she was excited when I showed her.

    Thanks for hosting too! I'm here early, so I'll be back to check out more links!


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