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Sequins and Stripes: Project Sewn Entry

I'm really excited for the women's sewing competition going on over at Project Sewn. I wasn't going to sew along this week, but then I found a fabulous sequin top at the thrift store. I was just going to resize it, but then I realized I had altered some white and gray striped pants the week before that would look great! Both of these happened to fit into the theme this week, Black and White.
I don't often wear black, but I interpreted the theme to be bold. (I hope my interpretation makes sense!) Bold for me is glam which is why I went with this top. It is a huge wow factor because it is covered in sequins! It is a beautiful dark gray.

The original top was huge so I used one of my shirts to get the fit I wanted. I would rather it be shorter, but I didn't want to deal with sewing much on the sequins. Instead I just reused the original neckline and hems. I think the tunic length will be great even if that isn't what I planned!
The back is stretchy gray velour.
I bought the pants last fall. They are white and pale gray-blue striped. They were pleated bootcut pants originally. First, I lengthened them. Then I took the legs in to make skinny jeans, but that made the pleats look awful! They've been sitting on my to-do for months and months, so I took out the pleats while my husband was home last week and could watch Henry. They are definitely my new favorite pants. I love stripes, and they are so fun and summery!


  1. LOVE that top. It would look amazing dressed up with black skinnies and heels for a more fancy date night.

  2. I like the length, I think this is a fair interpretation of black and white :)

  3. good idea reusing the original hems. sewing with sequins is a disaster, especially hemming them! it looks great!

  4. Cute outfit! You're long and lean, so I think that length looks nice on you. :) Sequins can be a nightmare. Good call using the existing hem.

  5. Great job! I think the top looks wonderful at tunic length. It also opens up more outfit options (I think).

  6. I dig it. A great in-between of day& night wear. Maybe a late dinner or appetizers and drinks type outfit? I like that you didn't get constrained with the theme. :)



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