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Pajama Parade

Henry had been wearing his 12 mos size fleece footie pajamas all winter and was in dire need of summer pajamas that actually fit! I used fabric and t-shirts from my stash, so these pajamas cost $0. I used a zigzag stitch for everything to make it go as fast as possible. All the pants are really, really long on him so he has a lot of growing room. Sorry I didn't take pictures of Henry wearing them; Henry is usually dressed by the time the light is good!
First up, the dinosaur world pajamas. I used a small piece of knit dinosaur fabric for the shirt and a blue-gray t-shirt for the sleeves, pants, and neckband. I reused the hems and neckband so there was very little work.
The shirt had a cool world map on it that I was able to place on the pants.
For the second pair, I reused my dads striped t-shirt. I used the sleeve hems and the neckband.
For fun I added bright orange cuffs to the pant hems!
The third pair is made from an old white t-shirt of mine.
The pants are from an awesome flannel tiki face fabric I found in the remnant bin. I had to add cuffs to the bottom to make them long enough. I LOVE this fabric and think its hilarious!
The last pair is made from mustache knit fabric from Girl Charlee. I paired it with green ribbing on the cuffs and neckband. These are also hilarious! (What's so funny about mustaches on little boys?) Now Henry has four new pairs of pajamas that cost me nothing and will hopefully fit him until it gets cold again.



  1. You were busy! Awesome you were able to sew them all from your stash. I was happy when it warmed up we were busting through the toes of our footies here too!

  2. I love the mustache jammies! They are sooo cute! Good job Heather!

  3. Great going making all of these for $0...

  4. I need to do this. My little boy was given a bunch of shorts, so some simple tanks or shirts are what he needs.
    I love the fabric combinations! Way fun. Perfect for a little boy.

  5. Cute pajamas! I especially love the mustache set :)


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