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How To Make A Lace Headband Using Fold-Over Elastic

I needed something simple to keep my long hair back. I needed something more than a clip or bobby pin (I have really thick hair), and regular headbands give me headaches. I know there are other tutorials for making headbands and using regular elastic, but I came up with this one because I didn't have thin enough elastic and I liked the idea of the fold-over elastic elastic enclosing all the raw edges! 

1. You need a piece of lace and piece of fold-over elastic measured and cut to your liking.
2. Fold ends of fold-over elastic down and sew.
3. Sew ends of lace to one side of the elastic.
4. Fold fold-over elastic and zigzag across the open edge. This encloses lace edge and the edge of the elastic. (I had a hard time photographing this. Sorry!)
5. Put it on and admire yourself in the mirror!

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