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Gray Polo, Red Cardigan, and Jean Shorts: Boys 2013 Spring/Summer Line

I wanted Henry to have some basics in his line that would match anything so I decided on a couple of solid colored items and classic jean cut-off shorts. (For the photoshoot I paired it with his tie I made from his Easter outfit.)
The red cardigan is a basic raglan sleeve cardigan. It's huge because I made a 2T, but I'm hoping it fits him through the fall. I used a pattern from this pattern book.
From the same pattern book, I made the gray polo. The collar was a little tricky, but at least I know what to do next time. I used chartreuse for the placket facing.
I used one of my old pair of jeans for the shorts. I kept most of the original details like the stitching, waistband, zip fly front and button. I put new pockets on the back where the old pockets were, so it gives it a cool faded/non-faded look. I didn't think these through when I cut them out, so it was really hard to because of the placement of the waistband. I hope I never have to mend these because I never want to sew them again!
This is what most of my pictures look like: Henry running away.


  1. I love all things raglan, cute sweater. I had to smile I was editing photos of my 2 year old this afternoon- 3/4 of them her bolting down a sidewalk.

  2. Mine are all of my wee one running away too. those Crazy kids.


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