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Fancy Pants Blog Tour - Spaceman Pants and a Swimsuit

Today is day five of the Fancy Pants Leggings Pattern Tour! I feel really lucky to be on tour with all these amazing, creative ladies! To see the past and future versions you can visit everyone's blog!
20th - Abby from Things for Boys
21st - Rachael from Imagine Gnats
22nd - Celina from Petit à Petit and Family
23rd - Jane from Buzzmills
24th - Heather from Feather's Flight
27th - Stacey from Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy
28th - Gail from Probably Actually
29th - Jenny from The Southern Institute
30th - Ros from Sew Delicious
31st - Carla from Small + Friendly

I made two versions and here is my first, the Spaceman Pants.
There's even a great spaceship on the bum!
When I was designing these, I was going to just do the spaceship on the back. Then I decided to add the spaceman on the leg, and I was going to do the shorts all gray. I was thinking about Alida's post about being kooky and taking your designs a step farther, and decided to take mine the next step by adding the green stripes and switching up the cuffs. It was the best decision because I LOVE these shorts!
I extended the pattern a couple of inches so the shorts would hit Henry below the knee like knickerbockers. (I just love knickerbockers on little boys!) I also did it to protect his knees because he is constantly falling and scratching his knees!
Laura made an amazing pattern. She gives some great knit tips, has great and clear instructions, and the pattern can be cut out and sewn in under an hour!
He's such a hipster because his shirts are always so big!
The other version I made was a little swimsuit. I didn't think of this myself; I saw some on Petit à Petit and Family and wanted to make some. 
I had made a rash guard last summer that still fit Henry but was a little short. I added a band to the bottom, and then made matching shorts. Doesn't he look like the men that wore striped swimsuits from the early swimsuit days? I love his tight little shorts! We went to a sprinkler party yesterday, and they worked great!
This is how he was really feeling about this photoshoot. 


  1. Love. They turned out so cute. I can't wait to see what else you do with this pattern.
    Any specific pattern you used for the rash guard? I need to make one for my little guy, but am unsure of a pattern to use. Can I just do a t shirt?

  2. The orange is great! I am going to take a crack at rash guards this year too.

  3. Oh Wow! The spaceman pants are adorable- I love all the mix and match elements. And the striped swimsuit is perfect. I should really make a top to go with mine... thanks so much for the mention! :)

    1. Thanks! I love them both! You are brilliant to think of using it in a swimsuit!

  4. Turned out great-- love the spaceman pants-- really fun with the switched cuffs :)

    1. Thanks! The spaceman pants are my favorite! I'm glad I made them funky and took them to the next level!

  5. The Spaceman pants are amazing - I love the way you mixed up the design and added features on the leg and the panel. Was that an old T-shirt? Love the length too! The swimsuit set is just adorable. Thanks so much for taking part in the tour.

  6. Love the idea of a swimsuit set...so clever!

  7. I adore the Spaceman pants! Such great fun.

  8. They both turned out great- but I LOVE the spaceman pants. The stripe was an awesome add, I think it really helps make the whole look!

  9. love the lengthened shorts and how you played with the fabric ~ adorable!!


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