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Chevron Shirt and Knickers: Boys 2013 Spring/Summer Line

I went trendy with one last outfit and used some of my white and gray chevron knit in both the shirt and the knickers.
The shirt is a basic v-neck shirt with a zigzag seam and some zigzag hand-drawn lines. Check out my zigzag seam tutorial.
The knickers are a pattern of mine that I'm actually working on and hoping to have it ready sell in a couple of weeks! The knickers are dark gray with chevron pockets.
Do you like the knickers? The pattern is going to have lots of different variations!
Henry looks kind of like an angel in the picture with the light falling softly behind him. He is anything but!
I love this little boy and this really fun boy collection! I can't wait to make a Fall/Winter one!


  1. Love the knickers idea. They are way cute. Can't wait for the pattern.

  2. I love the knickers! Can't wait to see your patterns!

  3. The knickers are great! I was wondering where you got the cool knit for the top- question answered you joined fabrics together! I don't even want to side seam chevron fabric together! Cool idea.

  4. Those 'knickers' are great. Do you want a giggle? ... Here in Australia knickers are ladies and girls under-pants. The pants that your little man is wearing would be called knickerbockers.

  5. Heather, I do like the knickers! And you little boys face just kills me...it's those eyes-I just melt!


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