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Boys 2013 Spring/Summer Line Wrap-Up

This is how I started when I decided to sew Henry a collection. I drew a picture of all the items I wanted to make. I wrote notes for each one. As you can see, I changed mind a lot! Also, some of the scribbles are for when I finished something.
 And here is every piece! I can't believe my ideas went from paper to form so quickly. It's such an amazing accomplishment, and I love seeing it all at once! I can see my ideas flow and where I used the same fabric. Thanks for encouraging me and following along! It was so much fun!


  1. Amazing how you made all of these so quickly, Heather!!!

  2. Wow, You did an awesome job!
    It looks like you just scooped that paper up off my desk! I have three sheets of the same kind of design scribble right next to me. (Only I still have 4 more pieces to go on the first page!) Isn't it so much fun to see each piece come together?

  3. WOW... seeing them all together now I can't believe how quickly you made them all. It's a great collection Heather, and I have to tell you I loved the sheet with your drawings. It reminds me of what i usually do and always end up creating something differently.

  4. Such an adorable collection! You did such a great job on everything. Love seeing your drawings and scribbles. I do the same thing when I sketch out ideas. I've been known to change my mind up to five times about the details of one piece of clothing. Ha!

  5. I don't know how you don't have a thousand followers. You are so awesome.


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