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Today I want to welcome Suzanne from Winter Wonderings Wanderings, & Whatnot. I came across her in the most recent PR&P season. I remember being wowed by her boy Collegiate Cool look. I love all of her looks! And I loved that she explained her cost of competing, and it was low! Anyway, here’s Suzanne!

Stash-Busting with Suzanne from Winter Wonderings Wanderings, & Whatnot

Hi, my name is Suzanne, and I’m a sewaholic.  Today I’m here today to let you in on a secret – You can’t take it with you…really, and truly, you can’t!

I am newer to the world of stash building and true designer fabrics in my collection (since most of my fabric collection is made up of upcycle-able clothing), but coming in 3rd on PR&P introduced me to some amazing fabrics in the form of prizes that I never would have just bought for myself otherwise.  For the first time in my life I had that feeling of  ‘ohhhhhhh, maybe I should save this’.
There are some pieces in my stash that I know what I want them to become, thus they are in ‘save mode’ for that particular project.  But in general there is nothing off limits in my stash.

If you have fallen in love with a specific fabric – USE IT!!!  Show it off to the world!  Let it come to life instead of hiding it away in the depths of your stash.

Today I’ll show you a glimpse of my madness creative genius.
First, here is my stash:

Stash-Busting with Suzanne from Winter Wonderings Wanderings, & Whatnot

Doesn’t look too bad right?  It is on a book shelf, organized by color… could be a bit neater, but not too shabby.  I also have a bin of white fabric and a bin of black fabric, and the stacks on top are all of my flannels for PJ’s.  The color coordination helps me sooooo much when I am making something, I just go to the shelves pick a color to start with and go from there – it’s like shopping at home (think of saving money on gas and/or shipping!).  I try as much as possible to sew from what I already have.

Ok, now that you are semi impressed – I’ll show you the other side of my stash…

Stash-Busting with Suzanne from Winter Wonderings Wanderings, & Whatnot
(yep – that used to be a papizan chair)
Stash-Busting with Suzanne from Winter Wonderings Wanderings, & Whatnot
(can you see my sewing machine midst the piles?????)

HAHAHAHAHAH – yep, this is my pile of ‘currently under construction’, ‘want to make next’, ‘being saved for a specific project’ , and ‘just haven’t been put away yet’.  Sigh.  I am pretty sure I have admitted before to the blog-o-sphere that I am a pile-er.  I dump things in piles – laundry, mail, fabric…  It is my vice.

But even within this pile, I can find things and create things (but the organized bookcase really is easier).

So you have your fabric organized, you are repeating your mantra over and over and over again “NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS, YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU!” – now it is time to sew!!!

There are tons of great stash buster projects out there – quilters I think have it easiest (I can say this because I am NOT a quilter) they can make a table runner, small quilt, or patchwork pillow and have a gorgeous way to display some amazing fabrics.  If I am looking to use up remnants or small cuts, I turn to skirts and shorts. If you are talking children’s clothing (which is primarily what I am sewing at the moment) you won’t need much to complete a simple skirt or pair of shorts.  If you have a fabric you love – try starting with something small that only uses part of what you have. Create some bias tape for trim, make a contrasting pocket or a facing that pops, or try out the awesome color blocking trend (it works with prints as well as solids).  Once you see that bad boy in action you won’t be able to wait to use more.

This more elaborate ruffle skirt (the newly released Christina Patchwork Skirt from Funktional Treads) was made using 4 different fabrics (you can use up to 8 in the pattern).  The grey is left over from my mom’s Christmas gift, the yellow dot was a gift to me from her stash, the yellow was about a half yard cut sent to me by my Aunt, and the white is left over from the button up shirt I made A for his collegiate cool look.  *Sadly fat quarters don’t quite work with this pattern, but you could adjust the width of the bottom ruffle to make it work – my original plan was to use some of my new Riley Blake fat quarters, but I wanted to test the pattern correctly.

Stash-Busting with Suzanne from Winter Wonderings Wanderings, & Whatnot

And as for that fabric I ‘almost’ wanted to save….
I was able to eek out not one but TWO dresses for baby girl out of my one yard of Little Red Riding Hood.
I will be doing another version of my simple Butterfly Kisses Dress and this gorgeous Grace dress also by Funktional Threads.  They are both cut out and waiting to be sewn… and there is a tiny bit left that I will save for a cute pocket or small yoke down the road.

Stash-Busting with Suzanne from Winter Wonderings Wanderings, & Whatnot

So dig into that gorgeous stash of yours and  – let it LIVE – ’cause in the end, you can’t take it with you!

This is such a great phrase to remember! I should write this near my stash to remind me. Thanks so much for being with us today Suzanne!

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