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Let me tell you, Krista from Lazy Saturdays is the queen of refashions. It’s amazing what she can work from something discarded. Like her upcycled emerald lace jacket or all her men’s shirt refashions! She also recently had an adorable little boy and gives great tips for dressing for the fourth trimester. Welcome Krista!

Stash-busting with Krista from Lazy Saturdays

It was quite serendipitous that Heather asked me to be a part of her Stash-Busting Series. The day she sent me an email, my husband was joking about needing to purchase a shed for my fabric. As I looked over my fabric, I realized that when I purchased many of them, I was in love, but as time has passed, I don’t feel nearly the same love as I did at the time. I then promised myself that I would use up all my fabric before purchasing anything new and when I finally buy something new, I’ll use it right away while I’m still feeling lovey-dovey towards my fabric.

As I’ve been using up my fabrics, I’ve noticed myself holding on to ridiculously small scraps. I guess the hoarder in me can’t seem to toss the really cute prints, no matter how small a scrap it is. So today, I bring you three ways to use up your small scraps.The first way is to use up your fabric is to make a brooch out of it and wear your textile proudly! I think this would be exceptionally great with fabric that is sentimental.The steps to make these brooches are ridiculously easy. Using cover buttons in your desired size (available at most fabric stores) follow the directions on the back of the package to attach your fabric. The package will come with a circle pattern for you to cut out your fabric. Then you take the button cover, which has teeth on the back, and work your fabric on to the teeth. I used a pencil eraser to help really get the fabric on the teeth. Once the fabric is on, your snap the backing on. Easy! Lastly, attach the brooch pin to the back with your handy-dandy glue gun.

A fun and whimsy way to use up those scraps is to make a bow. Bows are one of my favorite things to make! You can make them into headbands, attach them to your flats or handbags, or make another darling brooch out of them. (I have an easy tutorial you can check out right here.)

And finally, why not add some of your great fabric scraps to your decor? String several patterns together with some paper shapes and you have a fun, colorful way to show off those last little pieces!
Have you used your fabric scraps in a fun way? I’d love to hear about it!

Wow, these three ideas are great! I even have some buttons to cover that I didn’t know what to do with. There’s so much more than I realized that I can do with my fabrics scraps. Thanks, Krista!

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