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Stash-Busting with Katherine from Thrifted Things

I am lucky to have met Katherine from Thrifted things in real life. She is one of the sweetest and most real girls I have ever met. Katherine made a beautiful dress with leather details designed by her and a fantastic Anthropologie shoe tutorial.
Hi there! I'm Katherine from Thrifted Things, a blog all about the cheap clothes I find from thrift stores! I'm so excited that Heather asked me to bust some fabric out of my stash and make something! I am definitely a fabric hoarder. I love finding fabrics that have fun prints at thrift stores, plus it's dang cheap. But like Heather I just don't want to use my fabric on just ANY project. It has to be the PERFECT project. For this project I decided to use my pattern making skills and make a 6-gore skirt for myself. Here's how it turned out!

Sometimes ya just gotta buckle down and trust your instincts and use that fabric of yours! I absolutely LOVE how this skirt turned out. It's given me the courage to use my fabric ;)
Thanks so much for having my Heather!

I can't believe she designed the pattern and then made the skirt! It's a gorgeous color with the perfect amount of flare! Thanks for sharing with us, Katherine!


  1. How does one make a skirt like that? It reminds me of the skirt Penny from the big bang theory wears to work. I want a skirt like that. Any suggestions?
    I love the color that she used, so pretty!

  2. I tried to pin this post on Pinterest but it was asking me to upload a picture or provide the picture URL parameters. Is that an error on my part? I dont know how to do that. Help anyone?!

    1. It has something to do with her sending me the html and the pictures not being on my server? I'm not sure what it is though; I don't know how to fix it. Sorry! You could always upload it and then change the link for it.

  3. Super cute. Just the right amount of Hug and flare.


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