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Stash-Busting Series and a Fabric Giveaway

Welcome to a two week series about using your fabric stash! I've been getting the cleaning bug that comes with spring, and I didn't want to leave out my ever-growing fabric collection. I don't know how you are, but I'm basically a fabric hoarder. I have way too much fabric and most I rarely use. I am always getting more fabric, and then I'm afraid to use it! Why would I buy fabric if I'm not going to use it?!

  • I'm afraid I'll never find cool fabric again (when has that ever happened!).
  • I'm afraid I'll use fabric and then think of a better idea after it's cut up.
  • I'm afraid I'll run out of fabric (ya right!).

Are any of you like this? Please tell me I'm not the only one! I'm really excited about this series, and I hope you get some great ideas to help you use, organize, or clean out your stash! Grab a button if you'd like!
To open the series I have a fabric giveaway for you! I know it's a little counter-intuitive, but after this series you won't have a problem using fabric! I want to introduce you to Lil Baby Thangs. It has great knit fabric for babies and children with lots of jersey, interlock, and ribbing! My favorite is the Broken Heart cotton jersey!
To enter the giveaway, visit the shop and then post a comment on the Lil Baby Thangs Facebook page with which fabric you'd like to win. There will be two winners that receive one yard of fabric each. You will have a week to enter. Good luck!


  1. I just went through my stash last night and organized everything. This is such a great idea! I found lots of scraps that I would love to use up instead of just hoarding them, like I do with the rest of my fabric. :)

  2. So funny, because I am just like you. And I have never regretted anything I have cut into. Which is so opposite from the hoarding idea. This is perfect motivation for me to clean out my sewing room. It has just been dumped in over the last few months. Partly because I store the decor in there, and I have way to much Christmas!

  3. I totally think like that- but I have to get over it because I have wayyy too much!

  4. I came in from Winter Wonderings. I followed one of your series a while back but then I couldn't remember who wrote that great series. I just started following, now I can't forget! :)
    Your stashbusting is perfect timing I have been cleaning up my sewing dungeon. Now I need to put that fabric to use!

  5. I'm kinda the same way. I do find projects later that I want to use the fabric for but I never buy enough in the first place. I need to start buying fabric specifically for patterns. I have the same problem with yarn. Unless it's thrifted. That doesn't count.


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