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Stash-Busting: It's Okay to Change Your Mind

I'd like to tell you story about a cut of fabric. It was three or four years ago, I can't remember, and I was working at an alterations shop. A customer came in with a bunch of fabric that she didn't want and was giving to my boss. My boss was nice enough to share it with all the girls in the shop. I picked out about 3 yards of some soft red polka dotted fabric. I immediately was inspired to make a 50's inspired sweetheart neckline red polka dot dress like this one. (You can even see in my comment that I was thinking about red polka dots.) Well, time passed. And passed. And passed! And the dress never got made. The fabric just sat. I recently realized that 1) I might never get to it, 2) I am not a red person, so I might not wear it even if I did make it, 3) a bright red busy polka dot dress might be hard to wear and style. I figured that it was okay to change my original inspiration because then I would actually use it! So today I say, "It's okay to change your mind about a piece of fabric."
(Thank you, wind, for blowing at the perfect moment to make me look like I'm in an actual photoshoot!)
I used the same pattern that I used for my chambray shirt and white tie shirt. I love this pattern! It takes a little bit longer than a knit tee, but it's just a great looking shirt. It's a shirt that is comfortable, but looks really nice.
I decided to use the blingin' gem buttons that I didn't use for my white shirt. They are vintage buttons from my grandmother.
I cut the back hem and sides a little longer than the pattern for extra play room without any uneeded flashing.
I'm really glad I changed my mind so I would use the fabric and so I would have a fun new shirt to wear! I will definitely be wearing this shirt way more than I would wear a dress. Do you think it's okay to change your mind? Have you ever changed your mind on fabric?


  1. Oh yes! this past year I have changed my mind on quite a few fabrics, which has let me use them instead of keeping them in my closet waiting until I have the time or additional materials for the original plan.
    your shirt looks great! & made extra special with your grandmother's buttons :)

  2. For sure! I've even changed my mind on *cut* fabric. Yikes! Not something I recommend. The shirt is great! Really beautiful and looks so comfy.

  3. love your shirt! and yes... I keep changing my mind!!! =D

  4. i love this as a shirt and that's such a great style for it!

  5. I have a piece I hope to make up this week that I bought a good eight or nine years ago. It was originally intended for curtains but now it's going to be a pair of pants. And the shirt is terrific!

  6. I change my mind 50 times before I commit. I really try to commit before a cut though! Found you on Threading my way, and looking forward to the series!

  7. I change my mind all the time! LOL LOVE the shirt!
    - ChrisW Designs

  8. I change my mind often. But usually I just can't decide what I want to make. But sometimes the idea of doing anything I want to do with fabric is overwhelming.
    The shirt is so cute!
    Thanks for doing this series. I have loved it!

  9. That shirt is so lovely and such a great use of your fabric. I have so many pieces of fabric that I bought for specific projects and can't bring myself to use for anything else. I've got to try it!

  10. Love the pattern and it's so cute in the polka dot fabric...plus by using a pattern you had along with this given fabric and grandmother's buttons you essentially got a free shirt...can't beat that...looks great. In answer to the question... yes, I change my mind quite often...or buy fabric I like and then decide what to make.

  11. Love it. I would totally wear that. I change my mind all the time. We are women aren't we?


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