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Scribbles Shirt, Walrus Shorts, and Sandals: Boys 2013 Spring/Summer Line

The fabric I used for this shirt was the other inspiration for this collection. It's from a women's Volcom shirt that I thrifted. It's white with black and yellow scribbles all over it. The chartreuse is close enough to the yellow, so I added chartreuse raglan sleeves. I LOVE that it looks like Henry scribbled all over his shirt.
The shorts are made from sweatshirt knit. I love the simple easiness of this fabric. I then added an outline of a walrus on one side by sewing without a sewing foot. It's a really fun way to add sketchy looking details.
The neckline on the shirt is a little big, but the overall shirt is a little big so I'm hoping it'll last until the end of the summer.
Can you find where I caught Henry drawing on himself with a marker?
I also made some black faux leather sandals for Henry using this baby sandal tutorial. I made it big enough for him. I love this look because it covers his toes. Most sandals you can buy don't protect the toes, and Henry falls/trips/stubs his toes almost constantly. They have a little bit of growing room too. I used red elastic on the back and there's some red faux leather on the bottom too (picture coming!).
After one hour outside, they held up really well and had good traction. We'll see if they hold up through the whole summer. I might have to make him some more.


  1. Love the walrus on the shorts.
    My daughters birthday was a couple of weeks ago. And all she wanted was a walrus, a real one. She got a stuffed one. But this would be so fun to make for her!
    Was sewing without the presser foot hard? I have wanted to try, but don't want to mess anything up.

  2. Another cute outfit! The walrus is a nice touch. :) Those sandals are so adorable. I can't believe you made them. Great job!

  3. I am loving the wardrobe you are sewing up for your little guy! The walrus is adorable, I have not tried free-hand sewing yet. Going to add it to my list.
    Our boys need sandals for the summer, I am going to try these ones. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This is so funny - I have that scribble T-shirt. I bought it in the US years ago and just dug it out my drawer and wore it for the first time in ages yesterday. I was thinking maybe I should cut it up for one of the kids! I love what you did with it. The whole outfit is really cute and the sandals are amazing.

  5. Cute outfit. But I am here because WOW! You made shoes!!!! That is impressive. You rock.

  6. Love, love, love the sandals!!! They look awesome! I got the tie in the mail today...so cute! Thank you so much!! *hugs to you and Henry*


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