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Refashion It Video and a Giveaway

Megan from Brassy Apple has an awesome craft channel with new videos all the time. Awhile back she asked me if I'd like to be a guest. Of course! She asked me to come up with a great tie refashion. I tossed some ideas around, but none would have been simple enough to show on camera. Then I remembered, I have a the easiest tie tutorial! If you'd like the video, click tie refashion video to view it. (I am a little awkward in real life, so don't laugh!)
The tie I made for the show became the tie in Henry's Easter outfit.
I had to make one to show and then I had to have lots of ties partly finished to show each step. Instead of throwing them away, I finished them all and now have FIVE to give to you! (Since I have five, you can't choose which one you'll get.) Good luck!
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  1. That is so fun, Heather! What an honor to be featured on a show like that. Grats!

  2. So my Titus was playing the the trees in my parents backyard and said "Mom look at me i'm a Nose picker" i looked at him and said "what are you talking about." He then put his nose to the tree and pretended to peck at it.. i then said "Oh you mean a WOOD Pecker!"

  3. I was getting my daughter out of the tub last week. She is almost 4. I asked her if she was ready to get out, and she said,"no mom I am not squeaky clean!" Couldn't help but laugh!

  4. How awesome! Congrats, Heather! I love the ties!! :)

  5. Way to go!

    I wouldn't mind gettin' me one of these adorable ties!

  6. I loved to make one of these myself for my little nephews birthday, but now that I can win one of yours, that would be even better!

  7. Off topic -- where would you recommend finding cute fabric for maxi skirts?


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