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How I Organize My Fabric and a Giveaway

The winners of the Lil' Baby Thangs fabric are Jordan Anderson and JoDee Phillips! Just message the shop's facebook page with your mailing address, and you will win the fabric you chose!
Because I live in such a tiny apartment (it's about 600 square feet), I have to be really creative with organizing and storing my fabric. I tried stacking and wrapping my fabric around cardboard, but it did not stay organized. I had some sort of mind block that wrapping the fabric took so much time. I switched it up and now hang all my big cuts of fabric. It's organized by color in knit and then wovens.
I LOVE seeing my fabric at once! I do have to store it under my shirts, but it hasn't bothered me yet. I just pull it out to see everything.
Then I stored all my small pieces, felt, rib knit, clothes to refashion, scraps, patterns etc. in another closet which is right next to my sewing desk. So far, even though it's split up, I'm more organized and clean. I really like storing my fabric this way. It may look messy to you, but it is organized to me. (Sorry for the flash, I haven't switched out my lightbulb.)
And since we're talking about fabric, I have an awesome giveaway for you! The Fabric Fairy is offering one $30 gift card to their shop! They have beautiful fabric, and I really love their knits! I've had my eye on this pirate fabric for a long time. And they've got the cutest swimsuit fabric ever!
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  1. I loved to follow your series!!! =D

  2. I have loved this series. I have some serious issues in my sewing room. And have needed motivation to get it done. My sweet hubby actually gave me 2 uninterrupted hours on Saturday to work on it. Now to go through the fabric, decide what to keep and what to go.
    I love how you store your fabric, mostly because it is just like I store mine. Nobody else would get how organized I have it, but it just works for me. Which is most important to me, as it is all mine!
    Thank you!

  3. If it looks fine to you and organized then who cares what others think.

  4. Looks like you've found a good system for your situation!


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