Feathers Flights // Sewing Blog: Bicycle Shirt, Green Shorts, and a Fedora: Boys 2013 Spring/Summer Line


Bicycle Shirt, Green Shorts, and a Fedora: Boys 2013 Spring/Summer Line

Even though I love Henry's entire Spring/Summer collection, I think today's outfit is my very favorite. It looks so classy and masculine, but it's still great for little boys to play in. The colors, the print, the suspenders; I love it all!
The shorts are made from cotton pants I got from a clothing swap. I kept the original back pockets, the original zipper fly front and button, and the ties. They aren't chartreuse, but I didn't find any chartreuse pants, and I thought that would be too feminine looking. I feel like this green is in the same color family as chartreuse so it works. The pockets have gray corduroy facing which you can see on Henry's right pocket.
I made the fedora using Melly Sews fedora pattern and tutorial. I used linen that I found in the bargain bin. It's so beautiful! I made this hat twice. The first time I made it it was way too small; I somehow printed it off wrong. Luckily, I took a hat-making class in college which helped immensely when making this hat. See my cowboy hat and cloche hat I made. It's lined with vintage zigzag cotton fabric (not pictured, sorry!). It's HUGE on him because I didn't know how to resize it, but he'll be able to wear it for years. He already loves it and wears it whenever we go outside to play.
I didn't make the suspenders for this collection, but it worked so perfectly I had to use them. I have added gray pleather triangle pieces at each clip.
I made the shirt from a linen hoodie I got from a clothing swap. I used the original button placket and sleeve hems. After I cut out all the pieces, I printed the fabric with an antique penning-farthing stamp I carved. I added a mandarin collar with a lime green collar facing. I love that it's linen because it'll breathe well, and he'll be able to wear it a lot even when it's hot.
It's a tad short, but hopefully it'll last awhile. How funny is it that every time he rides anything he sticks his tongue out?
The penning farthing stamp looks so great with the suspenders.


  1. love the stamp!!! So so cute, and that little tongue sticking out, so cute ;o)

  2. He's so pretty! Love his big blue eyes. You did a great job with his outfit, boys are more challenging to sew for.

    I love hats. I have a board full of pins..but I've tried a couple times & it's always a disaster.

    Love this post :)

    Amy from SewsNBows

  3. MmmKay.... My to-do list is getting longer with each post I catch up on. (That is meant as a good thing!) Amazing work!

  4. I tried to convince my son that suspenders were cool, check out these pictures. He was more interested what that mysterious blue thing in the picture was- a fun toy? haha- I'm glad your son is wearing them for you- they add a great touch to a fun outfit.


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