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I’ve started dappling in crochet, and I do enjoy it just not quite as much as sewing. It’s more of an easy craft that gives my mind a break. I am a slow crocheter and only do it a little bit at a time. I have tried a couple free crochet patterns that I love and have some on my to-do list too.

7 Free Crochet Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns I’ve Tried And Love

  1. Chevron Blanket Crochet Pattern from All Things Bright and Beautiful
  2. Boot Cuff Crochet Pattern from Craft Crazy Mama on See Vanessa Craft
  3. The Bobble Blanket Crochet Pattern from The Nearsighted Owl
7 Free Crochet Patterns
Free Crochet Patterns I Want To Try
  1. Statement Wreath Crochet Pattern from Goodknits
  2. Beard Crochet Pattern from Mad Mim
  3. Free Doily Rug Crochet Pattern from Coco Knits
  4. Magnificent Moss Basket Crochet Pattern from Craftsy

Author: Heather