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You Flew: A Sewing Linkup - 17

We live in such a tiny apartment that my sewing machine is on a little built in desk just outside Henry's bedroom door. Whenever I sew during his nap, he wakes up but will fall back asleep on the couch. When I don't sew, he'll sleep his whole nap in his crib. I'm happy he'll finish his nap on the couch, but does anyone have any tips for your kid napping the whole time in their crib?

The link with the most clicks was T-Shirt to Dress by Monzanita's. She had a quickand easy tutorial for a simple but fantastic dress!
I love this Anthropologie Inspired Scarf by Navy Wifey Peters. It combines fabric and crochet! How cool is that? I really want to make something like this!
The colors of this quilt are definitely in my favorites. Yummy. A Farm Wife's Journal made this Ocean Waves Chevron Quilt for her son. And she customized it for the perfect top bunk size!
Dreaming in Patchwork made this Saltair table runner with curved seams. She just tried a new technique and it turned out beautiful!
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  1. When my kiddos were babies we would start with them having a little radio in their room, with it on low, so was always noise. Not much noise, but a little something. Now they sleep really well, and anywhere. I have a 6, almost 4, and almost 2 year old. I also switch my kids from the crib to a bed by the time they are 14 to 16 months old. They seem to adjust well, and I don't have a problem of putting them back into bed all the time.
    Sorry, no rocket science suggestions. Hope you figure something out.

  2. Ditto to getting used to the noise- I have 4, and they've always roomed together. Now they sleep through each other crying, etc. I'd try just leaving him in the crib and continue to sew. It'll take a few days, but he'll get used to it.

  3. Thanks for featuring my t-shirt dress :)


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